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Capture district

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For correct counting, you need to consider the following:
Twinks do not affect % as on bonuses to PoI (composers, site bonuses or temporary bonuses on PoI).
The redistribution of the district is affected only by pure PoI = perfect victories.
More victorious fights = more% in the redivision.

Why work in one case and in another do not work:
In the case of group and personal tests, you compete for a specific result (bonus or number of stars), so here it depends on who will score more PoI.
In the repainting of the style, the result is accumulated, so the conditions must be equal (fair) for all.

The percentage is as follows:
It takes all the pure PoI and counts how much% each style introduced.
The more fights are held, the more battles need to be fought to change% to your side.

Points of influence = PoI

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