Engine to start game Events

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Engine to start game Events

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Dear players!
Your efforts were enough to start the 100,000 stars sale at discount!

Engine rules
2. The Administration provides requirements which the Players should meet in order to run an Event.

3. The Administration provides time terms during which the players should meet the requirements to run an Event. Each Player who performs the certain in-game actions (described in Event requirements) affects the filling of an according progress-bar, even if the Player is unaware of this Engine.

4. Every day (2PM-4PM server time) the Administration publishes the intermediate results, filling the according progress-bars in the according topic on the official Game forum. In case if no requirement was fully met during the previous day and the time limit hasn't been reached, the Players receive an information about the result of their efforts.

5. If the time limit has been exceeded and none of the offered requirements have been met, the progress counter drops to zero and no Event is initiated by the current Engine.

6. If the time limit has not been eached and during the daily calculation one of the progress-bars is filled, the Event is started by Administration during 3 workdays not including the day of this calculation. (If some Event is already in progress, the Event chosen by this Engine starts within 3 days after the end of currently running Event)

7. If the time limit has not been reached and during the daily calculation more than one of the progress-bars is filled, the game Events requirements of which have been met shall start in the same order in which they were listed (top down) in the Forum topic. The Events may be started simultaneously if they belong to the different categories (competition and sale), or at different time at the Administration's choice. The time terms are similar as in the previous paragraph.

8. The Administration does not publish the exact numbers which the Players should reach to start this or that Event. You can estimate the numbers only by checking the daily recalculated progress-bars.

9. The Administration reserves the right to stop this Engine at any moment and either restart it later or not.

10. The Administraion does not guarantee recalculation of progress-bars during non-workdays (weekends, holidays). In these cases the progress-bars shall be recalculated the day after the days-off.

Events you can initiate:

Sale of 100,000 Stars at discount!
ТRequirement: Spend stars to upgrade items in the Lab.
Current progress:

Sale of VIP-cards at discount (one week duration)!
ТRequirement: Trade MusicBox tokens for credits.
Current progress:

Contest begins: 01.06.2016 3PM (GMT)
Contest ends: 03.06.2016 3PM (GMT)

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