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Ave, Augustus, Emperor!

Добавлено: 31 июл 2015, 15:22

Friends, August is coming! As you may know, this month is named after antic Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus, the heir to Gaius Iulius Caesar.
Each Emperor craves for the domination and expansion of his Empire's borders. The upcoming contest shall end only with one winner, only the one shall gather the laurels of fame and rest upon the throne of Roman emperors!
From now till Tuesday, Aug 4th, 15:00 GMT, you should conquer the districts and get into top-5 dominators on each district.
The one who manages to gather the top-5 prizes more often than the others before the contest ends shall inherit Caesar's laurels and signet ring - the Ring of Power, which drastically increases its owner's parameters for 30 days!
Shall several champions score the same amount of prizes, the winner will be picked randomly amongst them, and all the competetors with equal score will gain 1000 Stem Cells each.

ATTENTION: the abovementioned rules are valid only if the winner (winners) of the contest get into the top-5 at least 15 times between the current moment and the end of the contest. Otherwise the main prize will be changed for less precious one.

Re: Ave, Augustus, Emperor!

Добавлено: 04 авг 2015, 15:01
The time has come to reveal the winner of the contest! It is player LadyGaga who won prizes for 10 districts. The second place was taken by Vladster with 9 district prizes, and the following competetors have got 6 and less.

As the winner hasn't met the requirements of 15 district prizes, we sadly replace the Ring of Power with another prize: Vertu, Rolex and OilDollar +5 with 5 days lifespan.

Congratulations to the winner and good luck with the upcoming events and contests!