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2 in 1

Добавлено: 29 май 2015, 14:28

Good news, boys and girls!

The summer is coming! And the new fashion comes along!

So, Sheldon and I have decided to give you a kind of advance, so you look like cool modern musicians, not beggars!

Starting from right now and up to Wednesday, 3rd June, 15:00 GMT, everyone who upgrades their Amulet item (any amulet from the shop) to 10th level will get another +10 amulet of their choice for free!

ATTENTION: this event applies only to the amulets which are upgraded from any level to level 10 within the abovementioned time, not the amulets which are already +10!

All right, guys, lets make it even easier! The same scheme applies to +9 amulets! Upgrade one to +9 and get any amulet from the shop, upgraded to +9, for free!

Re: 2 in 1

Добавлено: 03 июн 2015, 15:29
Dear musicians, it's time to draw a line under the "2 in 1" contest!

Players Baki, I Yli, Hunni, Kashimada и Christian.N have upgraded their amulets to +9 and thus win an extra +9 amulet each!

Player LadyGaga has upgraded the amulet to +10 and receives an amulet of +10 as a prize!

We congratulate all the winners and wait for them to contact the Administration either here (comments) or at support@mojostars.mobi to mention which of the sold-in-shop amulets they wish to receive as a prize!

Good luck and follow us to learn about the upcoming events!