Save Mother Nature, damn it!

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Save Mother Nature, damn it!

Сообщение Administrator » 05 июн 2015, 13:51


Heya, friends! It's an unusal day today, it's an international World Enviroment Day, and Mojo City Administration has decided to run an eco marathon!
It's quite difficult to clean the entire city at once, so we'll start with its small part: lets clean Park, Riverside, Square and Beach.
The cleaning is very responsible thing that requires many efforts and patience, so the most stubborn toilers shall be cheered on and receive triple reward for their deeds at the district!

The triple reward will go to those who manage to take the first five positions at these districts.

The contest begins once the abovementioned districts are redistributed and ends with the next redistribution! Good luck!
NOTE: the Square has ben JUST redistributed, so the contest there begins NOW.

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Save Mother Nature damn it

Сообщение AlexKotovPr » 21 авг 2015, 22:30

I apologise, but, in my opinion, it is obvious.

ЗЫ. Есть среди форумчан специалисты про продвижению сайтов? Можете в ЛС конультацию дать? Нужно продвинуть пару сайтов. Нашел такой сервис Покупка вечных ссылок. Ваше мнение?

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