Punks, forward!

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Punks, forward!

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Wassup people!!! Do you know what day it is today?! I don't hear you! So? Yeah!! It's 39th annual of the first European punk rock festival!

Today everyone and their uncle may feel themselves true punks, yoo-hoo! So we announce the great punk party with greatest prizes! The true punks value only the cash earned in battles and blood-stained. So, starting right now and till 3PM GMT Monday, August 24th, you should rob your enemies! The more cash you loot, the more prizes you can pick!

One term: the summary trophy within these 3 days should be no less than 300,000 credits! Earn the cash and you can pick the prizes for this sum (the money won't be taken from you however).

- Any boost (cocktails or military food) on your choice: 20,000 credits;
- Adrenalin energy drink (+25 energy): 20,000 credits;
- Junior license (+4 combats): 20,000 credits;
- Standart license (+8 боев): 35,000 credits;
- Professional license (+12 боев): 50,000 credits;
- 1000 torns: 50,000 credits;
- VIP for 3 days: 70,000 credits;
- VIP for 7 days: 150,000 credits;
- Virtuoso mediator for 7 days: 200,000 credits;
- Ring of Power for 30 days: 700,000 credits.

All the players who meet the requirements shall be announced at Monday and the prizes shall be handed out within a day since you contact the Administration and give the list of desired prizes.

Good luck!

Сообщений: 173
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Re: Punks, forward!

Сообщение Administrator » 24 авг 2015, 15:43

It's time to draw the line under "Punks, forward!" contest.
Only 6 musicians have managed to meet the requirement of 300,000 credits robbed in duels:
Aloysia - 849,310
Prifect - 556,938
Lightman - 419,591
I yli - 346,633
Vladster - 337,860
Nastigator - 310,192

Congratulations to the winners!
The prizes shall be given out within a day since their letter to support with the list of picked prizes.

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