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Marty is here!

Добавлено: 23 окт 2015, 15:24

Hooray, friends! Marty has arrived from the past to the present to tell us that the future has already happened! Aside from the perfect impressions and old good stories he's brought old good rock'n'roll! I want to celebrate this wonderful event and share my humble savings which I've won playing roullette in the past (Marty has told me what to bet on).

So, lets begin! Top-10 dominators (Dominance may be achieved on any district) shall get one torn per 50 dominance points and the very best shall get a special precious prize from Sheldon and me, if this The-Best manages to achieve 200,000 Dominance points.

The contest begins today at 4PM GMT and ends on Wednesday, Oct 28, 3PM GMT.

Re: Marty is here!

Добавлено: 29 окт 2015, 09:06
So, my friends, it's time to publish the names of the winners
1. Aloysia 192,129
2. LadyGaga 137,204
3. Prifect 122,164
4. Lightman 103,994
5. Fractal 94,225
6. Vladster 87,161
7. Nastigator 75,123
8. Dalek 72,434
9. TwoBears 64,827
10. I yli 60,248

Unfortunately, noone has crossed the 200,000 Dominance line, so all the winners gain only torns!