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The night is dark and full of terrors

Добавлено: 30 окт 2015, 15:49

Boo, musicians! The ancient holiday of witchcraft, Samhain (also known as Halloween), is coming! We, witches, need your help to open the rift between the worlds and summon the unholy beings for traditional celebration. We hope you'll give us a helping hand! Lets rock in the Necropolis and hold a dark ritual, your music should be loud enough for the Hell's ceiling to fall down and the fans should applaud so strong that the Heavens' angels go deaf!
Together you should gain no less than 300,000 Dominance points in the Necropolis - then ous mission shall be complete and we generously reward the top-3 Dominators (most Dominance scored) and top-5 fighters (most victorious fights performed).
Each of these eight (or less, if same persons score both most fights and most Dominance) shall gain a fair sack full of stars, Stem Cells, money, ringstones and torns and the most lucky, randomly picked, one shall gain the super-prize.
Remember, shall you lead in both nominations, your chance to win super-prize doubles!

The contest begins today, 4PM GMT, and ends on Tuesday, November 3rd, 3PM GMT.

Good luck!

Re: The night is dark and full of terrors

Добавлено: 03 ноя 2015, 15:28
Dear players, it's time to draw the line under our contest.

Unfortunately, our combined efforts were not enough to cross the border of 300,000 Dominance points, thus the most active players shall receive
incentive prizes instead of the major ones full of stars and other valuable things. The super-prize also passes to the future contests.

The following players were the most persistant in Dominance gathering:
1. Vladster - 53.760
2. TwoBears - 42.098
3. Prifect - 36.662

And these players have shown themselves as the most active fighters.
1. Vladster - 579
2. Fractal - 554
3. Prifect - 452
4. TwoBears - 336
5. otmopozak - 176

The abovementioned players receive prizes of 200 stars and 1000 Stem Cells each.