Game rules

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Game rules

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Game rules

The following rules are mandatory to follow in Mojo Stars game

The players who violate these Game Rules will be punished. Please contact the game Administration in any cases you need clarification about the Rules or when you want to report a violation or abuse by the third side.

1. Usage of undocumented features.

Undocumented features – Game functions which are either not described in user manual or described wrong. Using such features, the user either gains unfair advantage or damages Game stability.

a) Any intended use of program bugs or undocumented features of the game, either committed to gain profit or to harm the other player is strictly prohibited.

b) A user who finds a program bug or an undocumented feature has to inform the Game Administrators and noone else. The Administration reserves right to reward the players who report game bugs with in-game resources and presents.

2. Multicharring and character ownership.

a) A user is allowed to own only one character.

b) It is prohibited to pass a character into temporary or permanent ownership to another person. Violation of this rule leads to a warning and deletion of such character in case of repeated violation.

c) If more than three players are playing via similar network, they should warn the Administration in order to prevent multicharring accusation.

d) If three or less players are via similar network, the Administration attends to multicharring accusations only if the proof is provided.

3. Using the characters created by third side.

a) It is prohibited to use the characters created by the third side in order to gain in-game profit (either resources or by other means).

b) It is prohibited to create characters in order to increase Band’s parameters or resources. First violation leads to a warning, repeated violation causes character deleting.

4. Unauthorized access to the other players’ characters.

It is strictly forbidden to try and gain unauthorized access to the characters which belong to the other players. It includes (but is not limited to): bruteforce password hacking, stealing it via social network access or abuse of character owner’s trust.

5. Scripting.

Creation and usage of bot or another automatic program, which performs actions on character’s behalf without player’s direct participation is not allowed.

6. Game items.

Buying and selling in-game items or resources for real money, as well, as announcement of such intentions, is not allowed.

7. Trading characters.

It’s prohibited to give away or sell access to your character to anyone else. It is also not allowed to speak out such intentions, whether jokingly or not. First violation is punished by warning, repeated violation leads to character deleting.

8. Communication rules

In game chat it is prohibited to:

a) Flood: write multiple senseless messages.

b) Caps: use excessive upper case.

c) Swear: use explicit language (veiled or open).

d) Insult other players.

e) Slander: telling deliberately false information about other players.

f) Discriminate other players because of their nation, ethnicity, sexuality or ideology.

g) Advocate alcohol and drugs.

h) Advertise other Internet resources and games.

i) Beg for help or presents.

j) Spread malicious links.

k) Discuss the actions of Administration.

Violation of the communication rules will be punished with: automatic muting for 4 hours for the first warning, 24 hours for the second, 7 days for third and the following.

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