Mojo Stars Game Rules

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Mojo Stars Game Rules

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The following rules are mandatory to follow in Mojo Stars game

The players who violate these Game Rules will be punished. Please contact the game Administration in any cases you need clarification about the Rules or when you want to report a violation or abuse by the third side. Any questions solves only with characters owner.

1. Usage of program bugs and third side programs.

1.1. For any intended use of program bugs, either committed to gain profit or to harm the other player, characters will be permanently blocked.
1.2. A user who finds a program bug or an undocumented feature has to inform the Game Administrators and no one else. The Administration reserves right to reward the players who report game bugs with in-game resources and presents.
1.3. It is strictly forbidden to try and gain unauthorized access to the server or code of the game, creating and usage of bot or another automatic program, which performs actions on character’s behalf without player’s direct participation. In this case, the character will be permanently blocked.

2. Multicharring and character ownership.

2.1. A user is allowed to own only one character. For possession of more than one character, all player characters get a temporary lock to ascertain the circumstances.
2.2. If more than three players are sharing an IP-address, they should warn the Administration in order to prevent multicharring accusation.
2.3. In the case where through one network has fewer than four players, the Administration is considering complaints multicharring only if there is evidence.
2.4. It is forbidden to use the explicit or veiled profanity in their names, personal information, the group name and any other available ways in the game. Profanity will be removed by administrators, nicknames and names of groups are renamed, the player (or team leader) gains warning.
2.5. It is strictly forbidden to try and gain unauthorized access to the characters which belong to the other players. It includes (but is not limited to): bruteforce password hacking, stealing it via social network access or abuse of character owner’s trust. For unauthorized access to someone else's character, both players characters will be blocked. Access to the affected character opens upon receiving by administration of evidence in character ownership.
2.6. Buying and selling in-game items or resources for real money entails rolling back the state of the characters at the time of purchase/sale and block characters for one day. The announcement of such intentions punishable by a warning to both players.
2.7. For the transfer of a character to third parties for a fee or free of charge, this character is blocked permanently. The announcement of such intentions entails warning overlap.

3. In game chat it is prohibited to:

a) Flood: write multiple senseless messages.
b) Caps: use excessive upper case.
c) Swear: use explicit language (veiled or open). Insult other players.
d) Slander: telling deliberately false information about other players.
e) Discriminate other players because of their nation, ethnicity, sexuality or ideology.
f) Advocate alcohol and drugs.
g) Advertise other Internet resources and games.
h) Beg for help or presents.
i) Spread malicious links.
j) Discuss the actions of Administration.

3.1. For violations of communication in-game chat, depending on the seriousness of the offense and the previous acts to the character following steps apply:

a) Warning;
b) Removal of information that violates the rules of communication, muting for 30 minutes;
c) Muting for 1 hour; 1 day; 1 week;
d) Temporary blocking of the character. This lock is released when the user has fixed the violation for which he was suspended his account;
e) Blocking a character on a certain period of time (from 1 hour to 365 days);
f) Blocking of the character permanently or deleting character.

4. The procedure for elimination of the violation:

a) The character of the offender, the sanctions corresponding to this violation, shall be applied without notice. No compensation tickets and active bonuses at the time of the application of sanctions throughout its operation is performed.
b) In case of repeated violation within one day after the end of the previous sanctions, the player applies a stricter sanction to the discretion of the administration.
c) If there is a violation in the title, motto or group information, the sanction is applied to the leader of the group.
d) In all other cases not covered in the above general rules of communication, when the action is somehow detrimental to the project, the decision to impose measures determined by the Administration.
d) Appeal against the sanctions applied to the character can be in customer support.

5. The communication system of rules is not a precedent, and each case of violation is considered individually.

6. In some cases, the administration has the right to apply more severe measures against the violators, rather than regulated by these Rules of communication that is acceptable in order to maintain a comfortable game to other users.

7. Complaints about the actions of a moderator can be left in customer support. Any discussion or evaluation activities Report elsewhere in the administration are not considered.

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