King's Ransom

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King's Ransom

Сообщение Administrator » 15 авг 2016, 08:42

Dear musicians! A tremendous disaster has happened: an accountant-general of Mojo City has slipped away with all the treasury!
For the sake of City's future we have to recover the budget shortage. Thus we have invited the bankers for the victory over which event points are added.
The more epic your battle is, the more cash you loot from the defeated opponent, the larger favor you do to our beloved city. Beat the cash out of the opponents to save Mojo City budget and earn the prizes!
It is worth noting that the bonuses relating to the robbery, bankers do not act, so spend it wisely.
Anonymus intercepted a secret coded message from the administration Mojo City: "Balalaika has 3 strings, but the first and third places have changed."

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Кредиты на образование

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