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Hello, fellow musicians! My name's David Gahan, I'm the leader of Depeche Mode band. Tomorrow, on May 9th, there's my 53th birthday.
A friend of mine, Oliver Ridel, guitarist of Rammstein band, has celebrated his birthday in your city recently and suggested that I follow his example and run a stunning party with prize handaway at your place!
We, English men, are known for our punctuality, so those, who decide to participate in the contest will have to show their best accuracy and precision!

For the first part of the contest you should try and gather exactly 1960 - my birth year - dominance points at ANY district to the moment of its redistribution. Everyone who manages to do so will receive a prize of 100 stars, and amongst them I'll randomly pick a winner who gets Gladiolus +5: a weapon that drastically increases its owner's parameters, and 25 Rubies! (the weapon's lifespan is limited)

The second part is for the lazy ones: they'll have to gather exactly 863 - a number of symbols in my "Personal Jesus" song - Dominance points at any district to the moment of its redistribution. Everyone who matches the requirements will get a prize of 100 stars and one random winner
receives a super-prize, Amaryllis +5: a weapon that increases its owner's Strength, and 25 Rubies! (the weapon's lifespan is limited)

Good luck and have a nice time!

The contest begins on 9th May 15:00 GMT and ends on 12th May 15:00 GMT.

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