International Women's Day!

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International Women's Day!

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In honor of International Women's Day March 7 will update the game client!

- Added event International Women's Day
- Added feature to switch the language in the game settings
- Changed the value and currency of fury filling to activate a group war
- Added a new club
- Changed the functionality and drop in clubs
- Added Humper and Super Hamper to bar
- Changed the Work of City Arena
- Reworked Event King's ransom
- Reworked Event MusicBox Live
- Reworked Event Tournament Marathon
- Reworked Event Nightmare
- Temporarily removed the function to give to a friend
- Changed the number of pets in battle from 3 to 1
- Changed the amount of stem cells for rubies genetics laboratory
- Rebalanced the event Saint Patrick
- Gained weapons Avenger and Fleshripper
- Fleshripper - max level increased to +10
- Added a new weapon Gillette 3000
- The new pet Graf Vargoshi

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