Version 1.7

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Version 1.7

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Dear players!

At last we introduce the version 1.7 for your judgement!

New in version 1.7:

- Interactive battle. Now you can control your character in battle, not just watch their actions. Choose an active ability you want to use and you'll gain an advantage over stronger foes.
- Now all the musicians gain bonus to their basic parameters. The bonus value depends on the number of the districts your style controls.
- Band management interface has been improved and we hope that the new abilities will allow the band officers in their difficult job.
- Now it's possible to modify the band's member list during the war preparation stage, so the players may try mercenary role, offering their services to band leaders for the difficult wars.
- The torns are now available for visiting clubs. Actually, not only torns have become something new in club prizes.
- The game interface has been improved.

We wish you nice time playing and you can discuss the update in this topic!

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